Re: [IGS] use or wait?

With the low light conditions in the house where I'm holding the pel's, I've
leggy growth, too.

AND I have a number that have died! Don't know why, and wonder if anyone
here can speculate, so maybe I can get them to live over the next winter.

This happened last year, also.

These are scented geraniums, in mixed window boxes trays. Some, especially
the small leaved varieties, just dried up and died. Others, with larger
leaves grew on, became leggy and here we are.

Why did those few dry up and die? I'd think that if it were a matter of light,
they would attempt to grow, become leggy and simply protest. It isn't the
watering, since they're all in this together.

Is there something about growing the pel's outside and bringing them in that
I'm doing, or not doing???

They are NOT in the garden, but in potting soil in the trough.


when cutting back, on the scented pel's, how far back to cut them? with
ordinary red pel's, one can cut back quite far and get new growth. with
the scented, I'm afraid to cut back to old, woody growth for fear that
that area is dry and I'll loose the stock plant.

Carolyn Schaffner in Buffalo, NY

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