Re: [IGS] fungicide for seeds

     A treatment that helps keep fungus out of a seed flat or seed pan is
     to add commercial chlorine bleach (Clorox is a popular brand here in
     the States) to the water with which you moisten the seed media.  About
     a tablespoon in a gallon should do it.  Subsequent waterings,
     including pans with sprouted seedlings, can use the same dilution.


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Subject: [IGS] fungicide for seeds
Author:  "rhoades; collin" <spiderjerusalem@DOOR.NET> at INTERNET
Date:    3/26/98 6:32 PM

Does anyone have any rcommendations for fungicide that can be used with seeds.
The local nursery rcommended sulfur powder but to spray it I could not go near
my plants or in the garage for 24 hrs per the package. If it is important I am
using the following mixes with my seeds 50% vermiculite 50% perlite, 100%
vermiculite, 70%pumice 30% peat moss, 25% pea gravel 25% crushed brick 25% peat
25% pumice, just try to see what if any work best.

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