Re: [IGS] fungicide for seeds

AH!! Barry's response to Collin may have cleared up the fungicide issue a
little. Question ---> what do you want to use the fungicide for?? The seeds
or the planting medium? What's the problem? If the problem is rotting
seeds, you don't need the fungicide, it's a dampness problem. If you have
fungus gnats in the medium, then diazaon (sp??) works well, either dry or
damp. (don't have to spray the dry). If you are storing the seeds and need
a fungicide (which you would only need if you don't think the seeds are
properly dried, then a teensy eensy bit of sulfur in the packet as I mentioned
in my last post would work, maybe.

A good answer would come forth if you describe your problem.

Carolyn Schaffner in Buffalo, NY -> still

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