Re: [IGS] Joan Steele Where Are You

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Hi Alby,

It is good to hear from you. Welcome to the IGSROBIN.

I think Joan is gone  for the weekend. She and Peter go out
gyrocoptering every once in awhile. Actually, Peter is the one that
flies.... Joan tried it once and decided it wasn't for her.

When Joan first obtained her own ISP account, she was having trouble
with the address designation. Its format was not right for the server
she was on. She has since had that straightened out. I don't know what
address she left for you but the most recent one that I have is  . Try that and see if it will go through. I'm
sure she will enjoy hearing a personal note form you.

Thanks for sharing so much on your Web Page. I have enjoyed a number of
visits there my self.

Sincerely , Dale Neil Zone 5 Illinois, USA -------- REPLY, Original
message follows --------

> Date: Friday, 27-Mar-98 05:18 PM
> From: Alby Scriven             \ Internet:    (
> To: \ Internet:
> (
> Subject: [IGS] Joan Steele Where Are You
> Joan I have tried to reach you at the address you left on my Guest
Book but
> my mail keeps being returned as incorrectly addressed.
> Regards,
> Alby
> Geraniaceae is all around the World

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