Re: [IGS] Joan Steele Where Are You

> Subject: Re: Joan Steele Where Are You
> Date: Saturday, March 28, 1998 5:11 PM
> -- [ From: Dale Neil * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --
> Hi Alby,
> It is good to hear from you. Welcome to the IGSROBIN.
> I think Joan is gone  for the weekend. She and Peter go out
> gyrocoptering every once in awhile. Actually, Peter is the one that
> flies.... Joan tried it once and decided it wasn't for her.
> When Joan first obtained her own ISP account, she was having trouble
> with the address designation. Its format was not right for the server
> she was on. She has since had that straightened out. I don't know what
> address she left for you but the most recent one that I have is
>  . Try that and see if it will go through. I'm
> sure she will enjoy hearing a personal note form you.
> Thanks for sharing so much on your Web Page. I have enjoyed a number of
> visits there my self.
> Sincerely , Dale Neil Zone 5 Illinois, USA -------- REPLY, Original
> message follows --------
G'day Dale,
Many thanks for the kind words and the info..   Unfortunately Joan included
a 'com' between the 'net' and the 'au' in the address she gave me.  My
message has now been sent to the correct address and has not been returned.
  Maybe this is why Joan has had trouble before, thinking she had to
include the com.
I am not sure that Joan, and perhaps this applies to others, is aware of
'Links' included on web pages and how to activate them.   A simple click
with the mouse on the highlighted words and away you go.   Links on my
site, and of course the IGS site will take the viewer to USA, France,
Holland, England and from sites found there further links around the world
apart from the links to the various components of my page.I have actually
loaded about 70 linked pages.
I decided that it was necessary to break the site up into components as I
have loaded about 3meg. and I hate to think how long that would take to
It is my aim to have links to all worthwhile sites around the World on my
site and to become a 'one stop shop' so to speak.

I am not a commercial grower and have rather limited resources these days
but it is amazing what can be achieved. My page counter gives me great
statistics in respect of my visitors and I have been stunned by the source
of many of my guests.  A recent visitor from Oman,a Govt. source from Hong
Kong, guests from Singapore,Thailand,Japan as well as every Country in
Europe, Canada,New Zealand and Sth. Africa and heaps from the USA including
many Universities and Colleges.

 I have just moved house and plants these last couple of months, and have
had no time to devote to my site but as things are starting to settle down
now I hope to add more information to my page over the coming weeks/months.
 There is allways something new to be discovered in gardening.
I thank you again for the trouble in responding to my request.
Geraniaceae is all around the World

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