Re: [IGS] Reception Check

-- [ From: Dale Neil * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

Hi Cindi,

Thanks for checking in. You seem to be coming in load and clear :-) . I
hope your computer problems get fully remedied real soon. Hopefully it
is nothing very serious. I was growing a little concerned when I hadn't
heard from you. Did you get my message I sent when I first received the
plants you sent?

The plants seem to be adjusting after the shipping process. 'Snowy
Nutmeg' is the suffered the most setback I think. Alot of yellow leaves
but it does have some new growth now. Little Primula hardly missed a
beat and is still blooming. It has dropped a few leaves but on the whole
is real healthy.(nice plant..). Charity Has some buds on it but is
sulking a little. It had quite a bit of dirt knocked up on it in
shipping but I think it will do fine. I just noticed this AM that 'Minty
Apple' has aphids all over it :-( . I had it out on a closed in front
porch where i am harding off my plants to set them out but have set it
out so I set it out in the open and will spray it with some insecticidal
soap unless I can entice a lady bug or 2 to help me out. (I think some
of the beneficials are still doing a hibernating thing because of the
cooler rainy times we have been having the last week. Is 'Minty Apple'
the same as 'Apple Mint' ? I can't see a whole lot of difference but the
'Minty Apple' seems to have anthers in the flowers which I have yet to
see in my 'apple mint'.

I started to view the video that you sent and was able to tell that it
was the Robin Parer talk but had to hold off until I align the playback
head which on my set seem to go out of alignment every few times I use
my VCR. I don't use it a whole lot any more for that reason. I suppose I
will have to have a professional look at it someday. Until them I will
keep adjusting it here and there when I need to . Thank you for sending
the tape. I will report further when I get to view it.

I've been spending alot of time outside in the last few weeks. Spring is
finally here it looks like and even though we have had more rain than
usual, it is still a nice season :-) . I have obtained 3 new hardy
geraniums and a number of nice hostas to plant together as soon as I
decide where..... Most of my new acquisitions have been the product of
trading Scenteds for them. (I have one local greenhouse that gives me
credit for plants they can use to take cutting from.) I also got a nice
Japanese Painted Fern to put together with the others. So I have some
work cut out for me now.

Hope all is going well with you for now. I will TTYL.


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