Re: [IGS] planting up seedlings

Could I get the link address, too, please.  I must have missed it.

Gisela Meckstroth, Reynoldsburg, Ohio (Growing Zone 5-6)
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From: rhoades, collin <spiderjerusalem@DOOR.NET>
Date: Friday, May 01, 1998 8:30 PM
Subject: Re: [IGS] planting up seedlings

>Thanks peter for the wonderful link. It is nice to finally put a picture
> and such a pretty plant) with the name.
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>From: Peter J. Liekkio <pliekkio@CONNECTEXPRESS.COM>
>Date: Friday, May 01, 1998 4:09 PM
>Subject: Re: planting up seedlings
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>>From: rhoades, collin <spiderjerusalem@DOOR.NET>
>>>How long do the members of the list wait until they pot up there young
>>>seedlings. Or how big do you wait for them to get. My P. aridum seedlings
>>>that I got from Mr. Brouwer and the C. gigantes seedlings that I got from
>>>Peter Liekkio are finally getting large enough that I think I could pot
>>>up, but I wanted to check and see how long everybody waits.
>>I transplanted the C. gigantea when they were about 2" tall.  The first of
>>seedlings is 8" at the moment and growing strong.  for more info check out
>>Keep Growing
>>Pete Liekkio
>>Seattle Washington

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