Re: [IGS] Reception Check


My computer guy cancelled, but I hope to reschedule for the immediate future.
It take almost a half hour to load the program now to go on line, and
everything else, like bringing up my e-mail and answering it, takes just as
long.  If I try to type a long e-mail, it kicks me out of the program, so I'm
not going to be long winded here!

I did get your message and am glad the plants are doing well.  Sorry about the
aphid stowaways.  I don't see them on my other plants, but I regularly release
ladybugs, so it's probable they just keep eating them before they get out of

We're still preparing for our show and sale, which is the weekend after
Mother's Day, May 16 and 17.  We'll be dedicating our show to Bernice Ladroot,
who passed away last week.  She was one of our charter members, and one of the
main reasons that I kept going back to the SD Geranium Society when I first
joined.  She collected regals (and a lot of other particularly nice plants
that caught her eye) and specialized in the old regals that you don't find
except in collections and in old gardens.  Bernice was one of those wonderful
people that you just feel lucky to have known, and we're already missing her

The weather is pretty much back to normal, and I'm actually having to water my
plants again.  Never thought you'd hear me say that, did you?


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