[IGS] All Out Angel Search

Hi Everyone!

Joan sent me catalogs from OZ which listed angels that I don't have (and
hadn't heard of, for that matter!) which now that I know they are lurking in
the market, I desperately want to obtain for my collection.  I'm writing to
Faye Brawner tonight, but I'm asking the Robin at large, if they know of a
source for any of the below-listed plants, to please e-mail me back with

Charmay Adonis
Charmay Adriana
Charmay Alf
Charmay Alpheus
Charmay Andromeda
Charmay Aria
Charmay Bagatelle
Charmay Barcarolle
Charmay Cantelena
Charmay Carillon
Charmay Electra
Charmay Electo
Charmay Marjorie
Edwards Michael

Thank you.


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