Re: [IGS] Reception Check

Hi Cindi,
A quick note now and I will have to do some things.... I will write
more later.
What Collin writes might be necessary (I'm not as familiar with '95
as I am 3.1.... I do know that the Registry file can cause problems
sometime. I've seen some 3RD party software that can help organize it
Something that I found helpful with my youngest daughter's system
since she has signed up to AOL is to Optimize or defrag the files
quite frequently... even daily  sometimes. It seems that the Aol
interface continues to  write and rewrite files in a particular way
that not only encourages fragmentation but also lost clusters. You
may also have to run diskfix or something similar to get rid of lost
clusters also. Microsoft Dos has these utilities as part of it so if
you run defrag from the dos prompt that will start the process of
dragmenting . I can't remember the Dos utility for diskfix (maybe
that is it) . I use PCTOOLS for windows as well as the Dos defrag
occasionally on my system to keep it in shape. Fragmented files make
the system work harder to do it's job and sometimes they even create
memory problems as the computer is trying to find all the pieces of a
file in order to use it.
I hope I am being clear at what I am trying to say. You could
probably run defrag yourself with no problem and it might help, I

Will write more later.


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