[IGS] Warning about email attachments


Every so often a warning goes out about viruses being attached to emails.  We get told not to worry about it.  Well, I beg to differ tonight.  My son just had over 80 viruses copied to his harddrive in seconds by a email attachment from a total stranger.  He opened it thinking it was legitimate.

The screen read "Have a nice day" and then enough happened that he is now reformatting a 4 gigabyte harddrive.

Since we can never be sure who EVERYone on a list is, I am notifying the lists I own to be very careful about attachments to emails.  I wouldn't have believed this horror story if it hadn't happened to our family!

I would like everyone on these lists to make a practice of KNOWING the person who send you an .exe file attachment before risking opening it and having this happen to you.  My son will be spending an all-niter redoing his computer and redoing 7 hours of work on a major science project due early this week.  This means I have to put up with his complaints, etc.

Diana Pederson, Michigan, Zone 5, United States
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