Does this advise for azaleas hold for 'florist's azaleas' as well as 'garden
azaleas'?? One is hardy, the other is not.

I'm asking because my 'garden variety' is not thriving, altho' it continues
to come back each year. It is among dicentra and corydalis, both of which
have outstretched the garden azalea.

Usually the squirrels have eaten the flower buds from the azalea but this
year I have a cat which sits in the window and I've seen no squirrels! She
doesn't have a mean look, but, it appears, an effective one!

I would like to know how to prune the garden variety azalea, and the sort of
fertilizer it would like -- prior to  blooming it might like 5 = 10 = 5? How
about a formulation for liquid fertilizer "especially for azaleas" like
MirAcid? And only one application per year??

THANKS!   I know this is not geraniums --->

Carolyn Schaffner in Buffalo, NY

PS --> I toss the 'florist azaleas' out after their blooming, they don't
seem to put out new growth because, I think, they've been weakened by
being forced into blooming so heavily ????? I have two from Easter that
were MARVELOUS but in decline presently.

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