Re: [IGS] Warning about email attachments

>Every so often a warning goes out about viruses being attached to emails.
>We get told not to worry about it.  Well, I beg to differ tonight.  My son
>just had over 80 viruses copied to his harddrive in seconds by a email
>attachment from a total stranger.  He opened it thinking it was legitimate.
>The screen read "Have a nice day" and then enough happened that he is now
>reformatting a 4 gigabyte harddrive.
>Since we can never be sure who EVERYone on a list is, I am notifying the
>lists I own to be very careful about attachments to emails.  I wouldn't
>have believed this horror story if it hadn't happened to our family!
>I would like everyone on these lists to make a practice of KNOWING the
>person who send you an .exe file attachment before risking opening it and
>having this happen to you.  My son will be spending an all-niter redoing
>his computer and redoing 7 hours of work on a major science project due
>early this week.  This means I have to put up with his complaints, etc.
>Diana Pederson, Michigan, Zone 5, United States
>SUITE101 Editor:
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Hi Diana,

Sorry to hear of this. Yes....and no :-))))) which mailprogramme did your
son use? I have Eudora and it has a 'read only' function which means that
it cannot run not execute any commands.
But if you do receive an attachment and run copy it to your
harddisk... in this case it must have been a macro..always in 'Settings'
click the 'skip large messages'...or just specify the size of messages you
wish to download, this is to prevent it from happening. And yes....I always
trash unsolicited e-mails.

Hope this is something that will never happen to any of us!!!''

All the best to all Pel-growers across the world! Is something in flower
for you??

Ingrid in Sweden

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