Re: [IGS] over potting

I had not heard anything about this habit of them elongating instead of
bulking up although it would seem to make sense. I do have some questions
for you though. If they do elongate then would I not be able to raise more
of the caudex up out of the ground for show. Do you feel that the elongating
brings about an aesthetically unpleasing look to the caudex. Today I
overpotted six of the P. aridums seedlings into a 10 gal horticultural tub.
I have covered the tub with saran wrap to keep the humidity up for now as
all the seedlings were raised in the ziploc method. I plan to let them
adjust for a week or two and then begin removing the saranwrap  gradually
and decreasing the humidity. Do you have any sources or books where I could
possibly compare the looks of the elongated and compact caudex. I am new to
pelargoniums and just trying to feel my way around and in case you are
wondering I was one of those children who drove their parents crazy with the
"why" question I guess I never grew out of it. hehe
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From: Andrew Wilson <awilson@FDA.NET>
Date: Monday, May 04, 1998 12:19 PM
Subject: over potting

>Your idea for overpotting of pelargoniums to increase caudex size is good
>bacause they want to get a lot bigger than they normally become in small
>pots. The question I have is whether you can get a well shaped caudex or
>one that branches as it gets larger. Those I have seen in the ground get
>large but not 'bulked up'. What do you do?
>San Diego, California

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