[IGS] Angels & Fungicides

Hi all
Have had some really bad days and haven't been able to get to the
computer (see the neurosurgeon tomorrow ... decision day)  .
Got a surprise today to find 28 letters!,
Cindi,  that isn't a rubber stamp on my envelope, but a  one of my
drawings which I scanned and doctored up in a drawing program, then
transferred it into 'Works'
I have done several that way. I do the flyers for our Ger. Soc.
exhibition each year, with some drawing or other.
Hope you have some luck with your Angel chase.  The 'Charmay' ones are
produced by Ken Attfield and 'Edwards 'by Marjorie Edwards of Bendigo.
By the way my Shaka doesn't eat any of my plants .. get a Chihuahua
Poor Shaka has torn a second cruciate ligamant, (overweight) so we're
hobbling around together!

Dale  ....  no haven't had a reply from the Ag.dept.  But they said it
wasn't ants eggs in the pot, but some type of fungus.  The report is due
back any day.  In the meantime I am throwing out old plants and taking
cuttings and drenching any of the new plants in FONGARID (active
ingredient 250 g/kg  FLURALAXYL), as tha is recomended for  two of the
suspects, Phytophthera and Pithium. Of course I have changed to a new
brand of potting mix.
I would be interested to know what  people use over there as a fungicide
( naming the active ingredient) and how much you pay for it.  Fongarid
is $120 for 500 grams (just over 1lb).
 Joan Steele

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