Re: [IGS] Drawings & Fungicides


I'm really impressed.  I was envious when I thought it was a really neat
geranium stamp that I'd never seen before.  But you drew it.   Wow.   Wait,
let me capitalize that, WOW!  Any chance you want to visit San Diego and help
with our newsletter and show flyers?   Would it be ok if I use a copy of it to
illustrate Dale's article on the IGS Robin in our newsletter?   I think that
would be rather fitting, both the text and the illustration being from members
of the Robin.  With your permission, of course.

I will check the fungicides that I have on hand, and I'm going to consult with
Carol Roller and Jerry Stewart for their input, and should get back to you on
your fungicide question by the beginning of next week.

Have your catalogs arrived?


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