Re: [IGS] Flowering P& Overpotting

>This is the time of year to visit San Diego if you want to see masses of
>pellies blooming their little heads off.
>The scenteds are just coming out of full bloom and starting their decline.
>The Old Fashioned Rose is so covered with blooms that it looks like a lavender
>pink haze above the plant.  The hummingbirds just love it.
>The Bright Apple Blossom zonal that grows by the driveway went so far
>overboard this spring that it toppled onto its side and needs some massive
>cutting back before it stands any chance at all of standing upright again.
>Despite what El Nino did to the kitchen floor, it was great for the zonals,
>this year I have flowerheads that are 6+ inches across and are lasting for
>weeks on the bush before fading away.  I've started picking a flowerhead and
>taking it to work on Monday for my desk, and just picking the dead florets
>from it when I come in the following Monday and adding a fresh flower to the
>And the angels are spectacular.  Mme Layal has so many blooms on it that I
>can't even see the leaves.  Right now all my angels are enjoying full sun, and
>the table is just a mass of blooms.  I'm trying to keep up with my goal of
>photographing each plant so as to get a very close up shot of a bloom from
>every plant to use for identification purposes.  So far, so good.
>What do you have in bloom?

Hi Cindi,

Your description sounds ever so lovely! Unfortunately my schedule is a bit
tight so I won't make it to San Diego right now :-))))))) *smiles*

Can you believe it..the Pel rage in Sweden is all about Lord Bute and Apple
Blossom Rosebud! Well almost anyway! We are lagging behind the UK in all
aspects of gardening....and Pellies are no exception. Last year Sweden's
only gardening mag offered rooted cuttings and they were positively
overwhelmed by the response!
My dear Apple Blossom R is has grown rather tall and ungainly
so I am speculating whether it wouldn't do better grown into a
standard..did anyone ever try this? And one I brought home from my holiday
last year in France actually flowered all Winter!
Another fav is l'Elegante. I am told you may grow it under another name? It
has ivy shaped variegated leaves ( rimmed with white actually) that may
turn pink when the plant is kept on the dry side?

But what I like best really are the species Pelargonium and its relatives.
So P aridum is firing up...P appendiculatum is a bit late but has buds
nevertheless...and also P marginata, I cut down my P tongaense so it is
growing into a compact neat little plant...
I am just between everything...a new house, a new greenhoouse which we are
in the process of assembling, so everything is in a bit of a mess really,
but in a month or two I am sure we are more organized...and I may discover
more developing buds!

What has flowered abundantly for me this year is Chinotto...a citrus tree.
I was sure there was no such thing as a creeping citrus :-) but now I don't

Oh, and P tomentosum and 'Nutmeg' are firing up as well. Isn't this one of
the best times of the year???

All the best,


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