Re: [IGS] over potting

-Hello all well the great overpotting experiment has not gotten off to a
great start. Unfortunately I believed the weatherman when he said low
eighties instead of middle nineties add to my forgeting to vent the saran
wrap and well did anyone here ever do the cook out thing in Boy Scouts with
the tin foil. The poor little seedlings never stood a chance. But never fear
I am going to try again I am hardening off some seedlings in my East window
to be put out in a week or two. I am hoping that since El Nino seems to have
cut off all our rain this year that we will be even more Arid than normal
and hopefully the experiment will work. Lastly how do other members on the
list move there plant seedlings  from flourescents to full sun. I am
planning a week or so in my east window which is my afternoon money maker
and at the same time begin removing the ziploc bags that so far have made
most of the seed sowing a cinch. then pot them up into the ten gallon and
place on the west side of the back yard which is shaded most of the
afternoon but gets bright sun from about 4pm on. Then as the summer wears on
introduce them to more and more sun light. Are pelargoniums lovers of full
all day bright sun. Also I am using a sand and cactus and succulent soil mix
for the potting about how much should be sand percentage wise. Would people
on the list recommend perlite instead of sand I was considering pumice but
the cost of $10 a bag is very prohibitive.

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