Re: [IGS] Angels & Fungicides

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Hi Joan,
Glad to hear from you again.

> Have had some really bad days and haven't been able to get to the
> computer (see the neurosurgeon tomorrow ... decision day)  .

Wow I hope that you get some good news or at least that they can do
something to help you.

> Cindi,  that isn't a rubber stamp on my envelope, but a  one of my
> drawings which I scanned and doctored up in a drawing program, then
> transferred it into 'Works'

Cindi: I will be looking forward to seeing that in the future attached
to my article :-) .
I used to do quite a bit of graphic work myself, Joan. I made one
graphic for our local computer society's web page. I liked to work with
fractals and was able to get quite a few that looked like interesting
plants. I really would like to get a view of some of your graphics , if
you can send them as a file sometime. No hurry since it sounds like you
are alittle preoccupied for now.

> I would be interested to know what  people use over there as a
> ( naming the active ingredient) and how much you pay for it.  Fongarid
> is $120 for 500 grams (just over 1lb).

So far I haven't had to cope with any major infection and what I have
had I could handle with Garlic and Sulfur. That is quite a steep price
for that Fongarid. I hope you can find a reasonable alternative. A list
of some organic alternatives can be found at http://www.verinet.
I have also heard that NEEM (a plant extract is good for some disease
control as well as some pest control. I don't know a lot about it but
have seen it in some catalogs.

>By the way my Shaka doesn't eat any of my plants .. get a Chihuahua

:-) Actually if I had my way, I probably would not get another pet. I
have had quite a few and feel that I would just like to have freedom not
to have to plan around their care. I still have a miniature schnauzer of
my own and that was to be my last. (thats what I say now <G>) I was
talking to my youngest daughter tonight and have found out that I might
be watching her turtle for a week in the summer too. I did that last
summer but I didn't have an extra puppy around then <sigh>.
Sorry to hear that Shaka is having back pain also.

Hope all is well with you.


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