Re: [IGS] Lanky Sumos

Ok I have thought about it and wanted some advice on something. Do you think
it would be possible to place the seedling in the ten gallon pot maybe five
to eight a pot while still in their two inch containers. Then as they grow
pot up to larger pots. Do you think the souring of the soil would still
affect them since they would still be in a psuedo self contained pot while
still benefiting from the sides of the pot not drying out.
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From: Hedgehug <Hedgehug@AOL.COM>
Date: Wednesday, May 06, 1998 12:47 AM
Subject: Re: Lanky Sumos

>The plants that became too tall and drawn out, were they in full sun?
>My experience with overpotting was that if I jumped to a pot that was much
>larger than what I started with, the plant would stall out and not do well.
>was told the soil would go "sour" before the plant could grow enough roots
>pull the moisture and nutrients from it.  I've had better luck pushing the
>plants as fast as they will go from a 4" to a 6" to a 10" to a gallon, etc.
>If I can lift the plant from the pot and see the fine white roots on the
>of the rootball, I pop them into the next size pot.  If I don't botch up
>watering system, I can move angel cuttings from 2" pots up to 6" in a
>months, weather permitting.
>I also find that by double potting my plants the roots seem to be more
>to grow to the edge of the pot.  Maybe the plants don't put the roots into
>soil right next to the pot if it keeps getting too hot from the sun?

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