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Thank you for your advice and what a lovely expression...'poodle' :-)
just says it all, doesn't it? I have seen the corkscrew look on Hibiscus
before, had no idea you grow a P that way!!

My P l'Elegante is VERY pink. I let it dry out and water it perhaps every
two weeks. During cooler weather and in Autumn and Winter it is a good bit
greener. I think a mixture between pink and green is the nicest really, but
hard to achieve. No, I don't have to pick off the green leaves...suppose I
am very strict with it! :-) maybe too strict even!

One of the reasons for the rumour of a Vol 4 in the first place is that
there are so many P species that aren't mentioned anywhere
cultivation notes, in some cases there aren't even any photographs/pictures
My favorites, if you are going to the trouble of looking them up is of
course P cotyledonis, my first P from seed, and still it is one of the
best...truly a number one!. Some people who grow it in the UK says it is a
bit difficult, but don't you believe them! Sadly not one has flowered yet,
but she who waits for something good :-))) It is endemic to the island of
St Helena..the island where Emperor Napoleon lived out his last days. It
grows more elongated here with us than illustrated in Van der Walt's books,
but is nice nevertheless, pachycaul growth habit.

P mirabile is another favourite....P gibbosum though I cannot make up my
mind about it...the gouty joints are ever so neat, but the fragrance! Some
books describe it as 'heavenly'...others like 'cheap soap'. I am not sure
myself :-)))) but it flowers at night with peculiar yellow-greenish
flowers..I guess you have to try it and make up your mind for yourself!
Definitely worth growing.
P tetragonum is a peculiar looking P...four angled procumbent stems. Best
grown in a hanging basket. Scented leaves in each 'elbow'.
These are just a few of so many! P dolomiticum..P cortusifolium, but I have
yet to lay my hands on that one :-) P mirabile is an old name for P
crassicaule if memory P mirabile is like a leaner version of P
P alchemilloides is often overlooked but it can be grown together with
other plants and it is very lovely when it suddenly emerges from a branch,
stem or trunk. Easy from seed and grows in Summer.
The garden centre where I found my Lord Bute showed me their motherplant.
It was 1,50 tall, at least 1 meter wide, and soooo beautiful. Just a bit
larger than you would imagine. Very nicely branched. Beautiful!!

Hihi! Gardening and how you compose your garden palette is so very
individual isn't it! I can read book after book, marvelling at the pictures
and descriptions thinking...this is something I must try, but in the end,
you end up doing something of your own after all. But my garden are just
terraces on a steep slope, so I must!

Chinotto is a sour ornamental orange...larger fruits than the Calamondin
though not so large as an orange, small myrtle like leaves, slow growing,
weeping branches, and I make English marmalade out of the fruit...or is it
preserves :-))))))
Cold tolerant...excellent for colder climates, the kumquat is another
winner, so is the Seville orange.

All the best,


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