Re: [IGS] Lanky Sumos

>I have been following this thread on overpotting.  If the caudexes are
>growing faster than normal, does this mean the plant is growing in a way
>that would be abnormal in the wild?  Perhaps the original characteristics
>of the plant are being lost.
>Diana Pederson, Michigan, Zone 5, United States
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This is a tricky question feelings on this subject ( with
some facts!) are that plants growing in the wild aren't growing under
'ideal'..or 'optimum' conditions. However, as some nursery owners have
discovered, some caudex plants do grow a lot faster if given free rootrun
as opposed to lots and lots of fertilizers.

But what is normal growth really? And original characteristics?

I have seen wildcollected plants, from the Cucurbit family, probably
Kedrostis which look nowhere near the symmetrical perfection we achieve
when growing these plants in captivity so to speak, from cuttings or seed.

And is there such a thing as abnormal caudex growth really? Perhaps that
the caudex could become elongated instead of spherical in the case of
smooth caudexes? Or less tuberculed/calloused?

The plant originally developed this method of storing water
( root-caudex...stem-pachycaul) in order to survive arid conditions. How
about the amount of sun the plant receives? That ought to count as well in
the equation.

Scratching my head,


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