Re: [IGS] Lanky Sumos

Andrew Wilson wrote:

> Three feethigh and four across. Lanky is
> not the best term for them. But they are not the compact shape they had as
> container plants. Perhaps this is just how they end up in nature.

P. cortusifolium is described by van der Walt and Vorster as getting to
0.3 meters (about 1 foot) high.  Rainfall in habitat is about 10 cm (4
inches) per year.  It often grows in fissures in rock outcrops. It
sounds like your plants are growing in an atypical situation with much
more root run and moisture than is "normal" for them.  This could result
in "over grown" plants.  Was their growth form "normal" while in
containers?  Is it possible that these are not pure cortusifolium?
Sounds like you have lots of material for cuttings!  My plants in
containers have grown very slowly in 4 inch containers this winter with
full sun and weekly feedings of 15-30-15 at 1 teaspoon per gallon.

BTW: Nubia and I be at the SDCSS meeting on Saturday with the books.
Lets try to make contact there.

Phil Bunch.
San Diego Area (Zone 23)

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