Re: [IGS] Hardening Off Seedlings

-- [ From: Dale Neil * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

Hi Rufino,

Glad to read your comments on the IGSROBIN . Welcome to our little group
of geranium enthusiast. I will be interested to read more of your
comments especially since you are representing a another growing climate
in S. Florida . I haven't been participating in the succulent and
species thread only because it is out of my area of current experience.
I have been getting an education though just reading all the thoughts.

I have a few cacti , and just recently obtained some hardy Opuntia
species. My brother raised succulents when he was living and I inherited
a number of books on the subjects but room constraints and time has
narrowed my interest to geraniums, perennials , herbs and veggies with a
few other stray plant varieties here and there (just to name a few

Again welcome to the group and feel free to share your thoughts and
questions whenever you would like .

Sincerely ,
Dale Neil
Zone 5 Rock Island, Ill

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