Dale & Cindi,
I'm wondering if you got my sketches sent a couple of days ago. I wasn't
sure  you could access them as they were 'tif' files  (you can see how
much I know about computers!)

 Mimy .... The Pelargonium checklist was mainly being done by Jean
Llewellyn, who suffered a stroke in 1996.  Since then no-one has taken
it on.  The third edition was well on the way and was to be released at
the 1996 International Conference ... until Jean's illness.  I have
heard a rumour that U.K. may be taking it over,  only a rumour, mind.
By the way that was a pretty good list of Angels, specially with the
hybridisers named, I like to know who produced what.   I have printed it
out for the benefit of the  Angel people in our Ger.Soc.
Do you have a list of Zonals (which I'm mainly into)?

I've just had a bale of new potting mix delivered ... 750 litres, so
must get stuck into some potting up. Still dousing everything in
Fongarid.  The Ag.Dept. has ruled out Phytophthera, from my soil sample
.. that's a relief.  I'm still only finding the problem in one brand of
potting mix ... which I no longer use.
My plants are flowering well just now, specially Marjorie Edwards and
Highfields Cv's.     P.A.C. Jana never seems to stop flowering.  I asked
once if the P.A.C.s  (William Elsner)  were in the US, but no-one
There has been recent mention of  'Lord Butte'.  Haven't seen it ... can
anyone describe it.
I am very happy with my Downland X Genetrix  (Downlands was the seed
parent)  It has come out a bit like Highfields Apple Blossom, but
lighter.  It has a large head and lasts well.
  "bye for now
  Joan Steele  Western Australia

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