Re: [IGS] Lanky Sumos


In reply to your questions:

Was their growth form "normal" while in
containers?  Is it possible that these are not pure cortusifolium?
Sounds like you have lots of material for cuttings!  My plants in
containers have grown very slowly in 4 inch containers this winter with
full sun and weekly feedings of 15-30-15 at 1 teaspoon per gallon.

here are the answers. In addition to P. cortusifolium there were also
specimenns of several other Pel. species that behaved similarly. I cannot
speak definitively about the parentage of the same plants but I can assure
you they were grown by a succulent specialist whose name is usually
considered above reproach in such matters. In other words, not me! All my
specimens are in containers and are developing into plants of 'normal'
dimensions. So, my original question about eventual size came about after I
saw these huge plants growing in the ground because like nearly everything
else I grow it must end up in the ground - usually above!

It sounds like this Van der Walt book is saying they remain small in their
native habitat. The reson for the enlarged size is presumably rainfall - we
had more than 4 inches this year. It is unlikely it was excess nutrition if
you had seen what they were growing in - impoverished even by standards
reserved for succulents. Well, if that is the case, I'll just have too find
a way to prevent water getting to the roots. The dry rock wall is probably
the best way, rock, rubble, no soil at all and never water. That'll fix

San Diego, California

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