Joan Steele wrote:
>  Mimy .... The Pelargonium checklist was mainly being done by Jean
> Llewellyn, who suffered a stroke in 1996.  Since then no-one has taken
> it on.  The third edition was well on the way and was to be released at
> the 1996 International Conference ... until Jean's illness.  I have
> heard a rumour that U.K. may be taking it over,  only a rumour, mind.
The only thing the Dutch society has is a very outdated booklet of the
80ties, nor are they really up to date with international contacts I
think since the board has changed and a lot of new people in who
inevitable miss some links and connections. There is a lady making very
detailed color descriptions of CVS how ever, but this task is so
hugue... How / where can one order the 2nd (or perhaps 3rd) edition of
the checklist?

> By the way that was a pretty good list of Angels, specially with the
> hybridisers named, I like to know who produced what. I have printed it
> out for the benefit of the  Angel people in our Ger.Soc.
> Do you have a list of Zonals (which I'm mainly into)?
Yes - but much tooooooo long to put in an e-mail and really not finished
I feel - thousands and thousands of them but incomplete and lots of work
to be done yet before I feel worth any ones while.
Hope you will put the feed back re. my Angel list back on the list so we
all can add and remove mistakes.

> P.A.C. Jana never seems to stop flowering.  I asked
> once if the P.A.C.s  (William Elsner)  were in the US, but no-one
> replied.
The flower shops here in the Netherlands are packed with (of course
unnamed) PAC's - the ones with the round "spots" on the petals seem to
be really en vogue! I only have Icekrystal who never wants to die either
(though I neglected her I am ashamed to admit)...
Here are my PAC's listed:
PAC Alex                = Alex
PAC Aphrodite           = Aphrodite
PAC Arlena              = Arlena
PAC Auralia             = Auralia
PAC Bergpalais          = Bergpalais
PAC Blanca              = Blanca
PAC Capen               = Capen 
PAC Cherry              = Cherry 
PAC Diamond             = Diamond 
PAC Dresden Pink        = Dresden Pink
PAC Dresden White       = Dresden White
PAC Dresdener Amethyst  = Dresdener Dunkle Amethyst
PAC Dresdener Coralit   = Dresdener Coralit
PAC Dresdener Puppe     = Dresdener Puppe
PAC Dresdener Puppe Rosa= Dresdener Puppe Rosa
PAC Dresdener Purpalit  = Dresdener Purpalit
PAC Dresdener Rosalit   = Dresdener Rosalit
PAC Dresdener Samolit   = Dresdener Samolit
PAC Dunkle Amethyst     = Dresdener Dunkle Amethyst
PAC Evka                = Evka 
PAC Fantasia            = Fantasia 
PAC Fox                 = Fox
PAC Glacis              = Glacis
PAC Harmony             = Harmony 
PAC Icecrystal          = Icekrystal
PAC Icekrystal          = Icekrystal
PAC Ina                 = Ina 
PAC Isabell             = Isabell 
PAC Ivalo               = Ivalo
PAC Jana                = Jana
PAC Julia (Zo)          = Julia 
PAC Lachsball           = Lachsball
PAC Laura               = Laura 
PAC Linda               = Linda
PAC Lovesong            = Lovesong 
PAC Melody              = Melody 
PAC Melody Peloda       = Melody Peloda 
PAC Mercutio            = Mercutio
PAC Minipel Karmin(rot) = Minipel Karminrot
PAC Minipel Orange      = Minipel Orange
PAC Minipel Red         = Minipel Rot
PAC Minipel Rosa        = Minipel Rosa
PAC Minipel Scharlach   = Minipel Scharlach
PAC Mitzou              = Mitzou
PAC Nadja               = Nadja 
PAC Palais              = Palais
PAC Penve               = Penve 
PAC Perlenkette Orange  = Perlenkette Orange
PAC Perlenkette Weiss   = Perlenkette Weiss
PAC Purple Wonder       = Purple Wonder
PAC Purpurball          = Purpurball 
PAC Quix                = Quix
PAC Remo                = Remo
PAC Rica                = Rica 
PAC Robe                = Robe 
PAC Rosekrystal         = Rosekrystal
PAC Rospen              = Rospen
PAC Sassa               = Sassa
PAC Sidonia             = Sidonia
PAC Tomboy              = Tomboy
PAC Unity               = Unity 
PAC Velvet              = Velvet 
Most are zonals, some are ivy-leafed or zonals x ivy.

> There has been recent mention of  'Lord Butte'.  Haven't seen it ... can
> anyone describe it.
Yes - from my list:
Lord Bute AM purpleblack, rosered edge, Regal, 5-7 petals, normal size,
UK pre 1910
One of the all time favourites in Regals.

Bye for now,

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