Re: [IGS] In Bloom

>Yes!!  I know exactly what a P. gibbosum is.  I have one that lives in a clay
>pot beside the tree roses by the pool.  And it blooms for me too, although I
>can't render an opinion about the scent.  My allergies are such that I can
>rarely smell anything here lately.  Would you believe that I'm allergic to
>most pollens and of all things, cats?  The doctor tried to persuade me to stop
>gardening and get rid of the cats, but what's left to enjoy if you do that?
>I'm taking your list with me to the show and sale tomorrow and plan to
>purchase some species.  Will let you know what I end up with.  Maybe I'll even
>get adventurous and order some seeds from the seed bank.

So right! Not much left if you get rid of the things you cherish

I personally think you can live without the scent of P gibbosum :-))))) but
is is something to take note of! Especially when yellow-flowered Ps don't
grow on trees! Aren't these gouty stems wonderful? Mine climbs for me and
is a good two meters tall...

Good luck at the show, please tell us ALL about it! one has P shows
here in least not Pelargonium/Geranium shows...... tihi!!!!

All the best,


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