Re: [IGS] Lanky Sumos

Be thankful my puppy decided to go balistic on my new Pachycormis discolor.
He seemed to think it was a twig he could chew on.
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Date: Saturday, May 09, 1998 7:49 PM
Subject: Re: Lanky Sumos

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><<  I may be wrong as my memory is
> failing. >>
> So is mine.
>Our puppy, and I use that word advisedly, loves to dig up my plant labels.
>found part of one to a geranium that I bought several years ago. The only
>thing left on the tag is "Geranium r.........". Any idea what this might
be? I
>cannot remember its flowers.Slow growing for me.  I'd imagine it is a
>rather than a species.
>Clyde Crockett z5

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