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Hi Clyde,
Mimy had an exhaustive list  of possibilities but I thought of one
more to add to that list. There is a rather unusual geranium called G.
 renardii that gets about 12' tall and 18' wide. It is a species and
not a cultivar so I don't know if it would be the one or not. It has
thick leaves with a velvety feel to them  (dark green with a grainy
wrinkled pattern on each leaf: also has a faint silvery edge) . The
leaves are deeply cut with lobes. Flower is white with purple veins.
Aren't puppies so "helpful" in the garden? They see you digging so
they think the will help <sigh> .  Of course they have to snack in
the meantime because of all the digging . Plant labels seems to be a
nice chewy tibbit so it seems. For some reason my daughter's puppy
only seems to like a few "special" ones.....
Hope this is helpful.
Thanks to Mimy for that great list she posted.

Happy Mothers Day to all the Geranium Mothers out there.


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