Re: [IGS] Van der Walt

>Cindi, Ingrid, Phil and anybody else,
>I just got my hands on the three volumes of this book today. It is most
>impressive - thanks for the recommendations. Most aspects of the books were
>just great for somebody like me who is a relaitive newcomer to this genus
>and will help me with species recognition. I liked the drawings which are
>more useful than photographs unless the photos are really well done, which
>is not often the case. A few of the drawings, while accurate in line detail
>did not do the colors justice. They are a bit too clinical without showing
>what a real plant is like. I have seen P. fulgidum and P. echinatum in
>flower both in and near the Richtersveld in South Africa and I can honestly
>say that the real colors leave those in the book far behind. Sometimes it
>helps to see the plant in full flower, contrasted against its background or
>to see it in its location, between other plants or emerging among rock
>crevices. Good photography can do this but how often do you see it? Too
>often you see the flower in great detail with a black background or you see
>a plant with a sickly green or photographed without enough depth of focus.
>San Diego, California

Andrew.....have you noticed that you have an index to all three vols in Vol
3? Very handy! These three books and the Pel checklist from the Geraniaceae
Group and you are ready for anything! I like the drawings too...though I
haven't had the advantage of ever visiting Africa and cannot compare.

Just wish someone would do the same for Sarcocaulon. There are some tricky
and great looking succulents to be cherished!!

I can wish, can't I?

All the best,


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