Re: [IGS] Lanky Sumos

Hi Collin,

If you find the clay spheres, do look for the smallest size often as not
this might be the 'refuse' and is a lot better than the larger sizes.... If
you cannot find this size, get the larger ones and crush fact I
crush a few large ones myself. Just put in two plastic bags and hammer

Hehe my memory sometimes isn't to be trusted either, but I am sure about
one thing...vermiculite does degrade into clay..but I sometimes use it when
sowing. cover my seeds. Not in my ordinary mix ;-)))) though I repot
before 'anything' has had a chance to 'happen' :-)

One other objection to vermiculite..if you sow in 100% it can stay too wet
for too long.

All the best from Ingrid in Sweden----still laughing!

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