Re: [IGS] Geranium R.... (was:Lanky Sumos)--& c.

Thank you!!
Wow! What a list!
Please tell me how and in what situation to grow G. dalamaticum. I have only
killed it twice and would like to try one more time. Does it need full sun? I
have never seen it in flower, except in books; I did see in someone's garden
in the fall and liked the autumnal color of the foliage.

I have ordered through my book club the most recent work on Geranium
(published by Timber Press). Is the Yeo work the "bible?" ( I have the Yeo,
but have misplaced it during some renovation of our house.)
Is the taxonomy and classification of geraniums as controversial as is that of
hostas? For instance, no one can agree as to how many species of the genus
Hosta there are. Some, such as Hosta tardiflora are extremely controversial. (
I guess a lot of people dont care, but I am a labeling fanatic and like to put
the "right" name on the label.  )

Thanks--I really like this group and have learned and am learning a lot!

Clyde Crocket z5

Does anyone know him? Is he on the lecture cicuit?

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