Re: [IGS] Joans sketches

-- [ From: Dale Neil * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

Hi Joan,

I'm sorry for not responding to your question about the sketches. I've
been having trouble keeping up lately and my "to do" list seems to be
getting longer.

I really did enjoy seeing the 2 sketches you sent me. They are very
artistically done. Are they of any particular plant that you have? I am
keeping them in a safe place for future reference. Maybe I will make a
greeting  card and send it back to you someday <G>.
I will try to review your last couple messages and see what we have been
talking about. I hope your upcoming surgery is less painful than they
give the impression it will be. Many times they build things like that
up so that you will be relieved to find out that it isn't so bad as they
say it could be. In the long run, you will get some relief though. Is
Shaka getting his back worked on too? I will be praying for your speedy
recovery and success.


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