Re: [IGS] Van der Walt


You are quite right. The power in this book is amazing. I have yet to
obtain a Pel checklist from the Geraniaceae Group but that will have to be
the next step, from what you say. What information does it give?

So few genera get treated so well as they recive in VdW. Today I figured
out three species in my garden - all done with both Van der walt together
with that excellent key in Diana Miller's book. (Thanks for suggesting that
book Collin).  The only species I keyed out but did not find to confirm in
VdW was Pel. album. Quite a surprise to me. I did not think it was
uncommon. In full flower now on a partly shaded bank it is just a terrific
plant with its fragrance at night, particularly after a shower of rain.

I was going to ask about a comparable story on the Sarcocaulons but you
beat me to the draw! So there is nothing? I did get a message from a
Jean-Pierre.Jolivot who claims to have a full list of species of the
Geraniaceae just published in "Pépiniéristes Collectionneurs". Is this
info. in the Pel Checklist? Do you know anything about it? The Sarc. style
of plant appeals to me, even without flowers. And they, when they come, are
often gorgeous.  I don't have much of a collection but they do come from

San Diego, California

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