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Date: Sunday, May 10, 1998 8:25 PM
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I was going to ask about a comparable story on the Sarcocaulons but you
beat me to the draw! So there is nothing? I did get a message from a
Jean-Pierre.Jolivot who claims to have a full list of species of the
Geraniaceae just published in "Pépiniéristes Collectionneurs". Is this
info. in the Pel Checklist? Do you know anything about it? The Sarc. style
of plant appeals to me, even without flowers. And they, when they come, are
often gorgeous.  I don't have much of a collection but they do come from

A detailed revision of the taxonomic history of Sarcocaulons was made by R.O.
Moffet (Bothalia 12,4 1979). Moffet divides the Genus into four subgenera
covering a total of fourteen species.

A valuable reference covering cultivation and population detail is to be found
in "The Sarcocaulons of Southern Africa" by Charles Craib, published by The
South African Pelargonium and Geranium Society, PO Box 55342, Northlands
Gauteng, 2116 South Africa $19.50 plus postage

I grabbed the above from my website
I don't think that South African Society is very active but I believe the
publication is still available.

The Pel Checklist is a must if you're into species.  It list sysnonyms and
provides much info for the really interested species Pelly fan.  The 3 Volumes
of VanderWalt cover so few of the known species that even an updated list of
names and sections can be a big help.

Keep Growing
Pete Liekkio
Seattle Washington

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