Re: [IGS] Australian Checklist

Joan Steele wrote:
> I don't understand the second column with =3D
> before each name, or the AE= after, still I'm glad to have the list.

Please remove the AE= or =3D. This was just something that happened when
I imported flat text (obviously not "flat enough" from word to the
e-mail screen in composing the message.
So please red:

PAC Icekrystal  =       Icekrystal
(reason I listed those without PAC is that it is a commercial plant
breeder's name and not a nursery one so the prefix is often removed like
in UK)

> How come you have all these list?  Do you have a nursery, or just like
> keeping lists?
The second! I have a house filled with plants and a gazebo and a
just-finished small glass-green-house in the back of the garden where
there used to be a vegetable garden which we recently converted into
something that will hopefully once look like a cottage garden with a
wall of fruit trees and also a large terrace just behind the house in
the first part of the garden (second is a lawn/border part) for summer
where also plants stand (amongst which our pride - a 60+ year old Agave
that "came with the house" (which is built in 1903).

Congrats to your nice wins with your pelargoniums you shared with the
list too - tell my plants to regain strength and flower - the winter was
far too soft here and I lost some unfortunately...

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