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 Haben wir den/die/das hosta e-mail robin immer noch nicht wieder?  Es tut
 mir so leid, denn meine Nichte Veronika in Bielefeld hat jetzt auch
 Internetz Anschluss und ich hatte ihr eine Mitgliedschaft in der American
 Hosta Society geschenkt damit sie sich unserem robin anschliessen koennte.
 Schade, nicht wahr?

Hi Folks!
Gisela and I correspond auf Deutsch(in German);so, it was natural for her to
respond in German.
She has asked me a question that might be of interest to some of you on this
There was a hosta listserve, called It is extinct;however,
there is a new list with members approaching 100. It is

I think this is the way to subscribe: send to
In message box put only    subscribe   hosta-open

I am sending a copy of this post and ask our moderator to correct me if I am

BTW--you do NOT have to be a member of the Amer. Hosta Soc. to be on hosta-

Clyde Crockett z5
P.S. For some reason, there are many "hosta" people who are very much
interested in the genus, Geranium.

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