Re: [IGS] Geranium R....

Diana L. Politika wrote:
> Holy Smokes!  Where'd you get this info?  Is it in a book?

Mimy answered:
> No it is in my computer (5 genera, species, and cvs for pellies and
> geraniums and the odd erodium) in a stage of constant construction
> (incorporating many sources like Yeo, vdWalt, twenty pellie-books from
> mainly UK from 50ties to 80ties, some checklists, various catalogs from
> the UK etc) and am happy to look things up if people have specific
> questions.

Diana replied:
> Aw, phooey.  Have you ever entertained the idea of writing a book?
> Betcha Timber Press would take this on.

Thanx for the compliment but think not now when still SOO busy with so
many things. I was final editor of a cat-encyclopedia once inbetween
real work though and was long time editor of a cat magazine (now
associate editor since it was too time consuming) - am a politician in
daily life so do already a lot of writing (proposals, reports,
amendments, motions, articles) and talking (boring sometimes, but try to
do my speeches from the memory and not to read them from paper when
Mimy Sluiter (back to watering the pellies on the terrace now and
filling the greenhouse with plants - it suddenly turned on to be
tropical here in our moderate rainy-climate Holland - El Nino out there
disturbing thigns again?)

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