Re: [IGS] Geranium R....

> From: Mimy Sluiter <manx1@WXS.NL>
> Subject: Re: Geranium R....
> Date: Tuesday, May 12, 1998 4:42 AM
> Diana L. Politika wrote:
> > Holy Smokes!  Where'd you get this info?  Is it in a book?
> No it is in my computer (5 genera, species, and cvs for pellies and
> geraniums and the odd erodium) in a stage of constant construction
> (incorporating many sources like Yeo, vdWalt, twenty pellie-books from
> mainly UK from 50ties to 80ties, some checklists, various catalogs from
> the UK etc) and am happy to look things up if people have specific
> questions.

G'day Mimy,
At last, a soul mate.    As you would be aware I am trying to offer the
same imfo. and have loaded a lot of this on my web page.
Have been doing some work with the Erodium group lately prompted by an
enquiry from one of the Australian Universities who are testing the
reaction of various Geraniaceae to certain selective WEEDKILLERS.   Ugh!
That's a bit of a worry.
I hope they have no ulterior motives.
I trust you received my reply to your queery on the availability of the
Geraniaceae Grp. check - list. Unfortunately my guestbook was playing up at
the time and I had to play around with the HTML to get it to work
I have taken the liberty to place your list of Angels on my page and
acknowledged you as the source.  I hope that is OK with you.  If not, let
me know.
Geraniaceae is all around the World

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