Re: [IGS] News from OZ

> From: Joan Steele <shakaskraal@ONE.NET.AU>
> Subject: News from OZ
> Date: Friday, April 24, 1998 2:06 PM
> Hi all,
> Good to hear from you again Dale, I was wondering where you'd got to.
> It has been pretty quiet on the IGSrobin lately .. I suppose you're all
> out in your gardens, while all I have to look forward to is winter :-(
> You are so lucky getting GATW so early, now I'll know how long it takes
> to get over here.  I often think of ordering seeds, but  am afraid they
> would be low on stocks by the time I get my Mag.  As well as that a bank
> cheque costs $12  on top of what you want to send .. making the seeds
> quite expensive.( A similar problem with Silverhill,  they dont have
> Visa - card facilities.)

G'day Joan,

You can take the risk and pay for seed and membership of the IGS in US
banknotes which most banks will sell you at the normal conversion rates.
This  is unsafe to try as far as Silverhill is concerned although I have
taken the risk on small amounts however they have agreed to accept my
personal cheques drawn on an Australian Bank in the equivalent US dollars.
They seem to run out of many Geraniaceae species seed very quickly these
days and do not provide as many different species as the old proprietors
did but they have suggested that they were concerned about the correct
identification of the seed.
Availability of seed of course is allways dependant on the seasons anyway
and they have been experiencing very dry and poor flowering/seed production
conditions  as have we in Australia.   It looks like we are coming out of
this problem now and moving to more normal conditions and the northern
Hemisphere is about to experience the problems that we have faced over the
last 18 months or so.
By the way, when you are copying/sending graphics/photoes through your
computer, I think you will find JPEG handy.  Uses up a lot less disc space.
Geraniaceae is all around the World

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