[IGS] cats rule, dogs drool


Regarding cats in plants: I sprinkle pepper on the soil to deter our feline
friends (3 Himalayans).

Most of my plants are grown under lights in a plant room that's off limits
to cats. The plants in the family and living rooms and kitchen get the
pepper. The cats don't bother them any more.

I love cats and plants. Our trio consists of 2 males and a female. All are
getting on in age; the female is 12 years old; the others are 9 and 7.
They're wonderfully friendly; I call them "lap cats" because any lap will
do, no matter whether they know you or not.

To satisfy their desire for greens I keep a flat of grass growing for their
enjoyment. In addition, they receive catnip fresh from the herb garden in

They're indoor cats.

By the way, my geranium favorites are dwarf, variegated, rosebud and
standard. My wife Pat grows several scenteds.

I enjoy the list.

John G. Adney
Marion, Iowa (zones 4-5)

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