Re: [IGS] over potting

Peter wrote:

"I'm wondering if the compactness of succulent/pachycaul species might might be
influenced by more than water, light and pot size.  Seems to me I remember
reading that even a
slight breeze promotes more compact growth.  Many are from coastal areas
and I'd
expect they get good breezes in habitat.  Maybe this is an additional factor?
Maybe constant pruning of leaves by herbivores?  Gordon Rowley in his
Caudiciform book notes that "some of the fleshiest dwarf species elongate in
cultivation"  I'd be interested to hear if anyone is achieving tight compact
growth in the succulent/pachycaul species."

I find that tight, compact growth is possible in containers with the usual
constraints on hard growing conditions (lots of light, pumice, perlite and
coarse sand, little nutrition, if any). Once roots can get out into open
ground those constraints, other than full light, are lost. Clearly a fairly
dry atmosphere helps. Wind does tend to maintain dessication in the open
air and it lessens temperature gradients that result from factors such as
reflection off rock surfaces.

San Diego, California

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