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Thanks for the kind words re my op.  I'm trying to keep busy and not
think about it.
Have been potting up some Zonal seedlings planted last December.  They
are big enough to go into 140mm pots now, but haven't flowered yet. Some
of them are crosses and some the bees etc have done the work. Have 30
odd from the December lot. I've thrown out a lot that flowered and
weren't anything marvelous, they were from last Autumn  (April). Got 2
nice ones though which I'll keep and have already got cuttings  growing.

Ag Dept is now testing the SOIL as I asked them to in the first place
... not the half dead plant. They will ring in about 10 days. I'll keep
on their backs.
Have now thrown out all plants in the old  potting mix and everything
has been soaked in Fongarid. Only have small plants left and LOTS of
cuttings planted.  Hope pete can look after them while I'm in hospital!
He has ordered his new rotor blades .. not much change out of $2 000 and
will take time off while I'm away to go over the machine and motor.
Still needs a prop.
Sounds as if you're pretty busy these days!
  Joan   W. Aust.
Shakaskraal @ one.net.au

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