Re: [IGS] Van der Walt


You asked where I had found the three volume set of Van der Walt. Well,
they do not belong to me but to the San Diego Cactus and Succulent group.
That was the only way I could find them quickly. It would be great to have
a personal set but I'm afraid that will have to remain on my wishlist
unless anyone knows of a reprint edition.

On a related issue, has anyone tried to photograph a large number of the
species? This would be a much simpler undertaking than doing the beautiful
hand paintings. So far, and I have only been looking fairly recently, the
photographs I have seen are poor, unfortunately. Other plant organizations
have put together large photo collections and reproduced them (camellias,
SA proteas, succulents to name just a few) and I would see no reason (other
than somebody taking the economic risk, of course!) that this should not
also take place with pelargoniums. In fact, forgetting about the species,
would it not also make sense for recording the geranium hybrids?

San Diego, California

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