Re: [IGS] Willingdon prefix

Joan Steele wrote:
> Mimy,
> A correction to my last message. Willingdon Gem is NOT one of
> Marj.Edwards'. She crossed it with Willingdon Beauty to get
> 'Moonmist', so her name popped into my head. The little computer in my
> head does strange things sometimes!

Now I am confused - here is what I have on Willingdon:
Willingdon Beauty       = Barbara Hope
Willingdon Gem          = Nouvelle Aurore
Willingdon Pearl        ..........  zonal, single, normal size
So saying the first two at least are old CVS being renamed by a nursery
and brought on the market in UK later... (and perhaps wrongly named also
exported later to AUS?) (source: Derek Clifford's book). Any one out
there have any clues here?

ps to be complete:
Barbara Hope (UK Pearson & Sons 1889)  carminepink, veined, white eye,
Zonal, single, normal size
Nouvelle Aurore (FRA Victor Lemoine, Nancy 1920)  mandarinred, large
white eye, Zonal, single, normal size

On Marjorie Edwards' CVS I have the following:
Edwards Bright Day (AUS Marjorie Edwards 19..)  scarletred,  Deacon,
double, dwarf
Edwards Pink Mist  (AUS Marjorie Edwards 19..)  offpink and white,
Deacon, double, dwarf
These are definitely not related to Moonmist since these are Deacon
types so they must be from Cannon Stringer's CVS who were composed out
of a "mix" of miniatures, ivyleafed and doubleflowered compact zonals.

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