[IGS] MacFournier?


My name is Jip Bieräugel and I live in Alkmaar, The Netherlands. For a few
weeks I have had a subscription to the list and I do think it is quite
exciting to receive all this mail about the geranium family. I myself am
into pelargoniums and I am particularly fond of uniques, fancyleaved zonals,
zonals with odd flowers (striped, speckled, tulipflowered etc.) and
stellars. Because I only have limited winterstorage I confine myself to
those; I have about 65 plant at the moment. Is it your experience too that
people seem to think you an oddball when you mention collecting pelargoniums
(the term alone makes people look worried). 99.9% percent of all the people
I meet can't imagine the huge amount of different species and cultivars that
people collect and treasure. So you can imagine how it feels to mail with
like-minded people.
As well as reading all the emails I get every day, I thought it might be a
good idea to start communicating myself.
I hope it is not considered impolite to start with some questions:

1) I have a (probably dwarf) zonal with very dark leaves and bright red
narrowpetalled flowers called 'MacFournier'. I can't find any information
about it. Can anyone tell me more?

2) The same goes for a stellar called (according to the label I got with
it)'Dawin'; it has very dark stellar leaves (the purplish blotch takes up
most of the leaf) and pale salmon flowers.

3) As you see, my name is Jip and I happened to see somewhere that there is
a fancyleaved zonal called 'Little Jip'; does anyone know if it is for sale
somewhere in Holland yet?

I look forward to any reactions! (Thank you Mimy Sluiter for sending me all
the information about this 'club')

Yours, Jip Bieräugel

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