Re: [IGS] MacFournier = Madame Fournier

Jip Bieraugel wrote:
> 1) I have a (probably dwarf) zonal with very dark leaves and bright red
> narrowpetalled flowers called 'MacFournier'. I can't find any information
> about it. Can anyone tell me more?
This must be a mis spelling for: Madame Fournier. (obviously abbreviated
by a labeller as Mad. Fournier and then the d went to a c! Details:
Madame Fournier (Victor Lemoine, Nancy, FRA 1895) bright scarlet red
single flower, Zonal, dwarf to mini size, dark green leaf.

> 2) The same goes for a stellar called (according to the label I got with
> it)'Dawin'; it has very dark stellar leaves (the purplish blotch takes up
> most of the leaf) and pale salmon flowers.
This mis spelling took somewhat longer to find me in my files. It must
Stellar Dawn Star (also found as: Dawn Star) (Ted Both, AUS, pre 1970)
lightsalmonpink, white eyed single flower, Stellar, normal size,
darkgreen leaf with purplishbrown large blotch

> 3) As you see, my name is Jip and I happened to see somewhere that there is
> a fancyleaved zonal called 'Little Jip'; does anyone know if it is for sale
> somewhere in Holland yet?
Dunno - but also never heard from it!
I have the following "Little ..... names:
Little Alice  salmonorangerose double zonal dwarf darkgreen UK Ken Lea
Little Blakenham  lightlila, prunered marks, single flowered, Angel, Ray
C. Bidwell 1983
Little Dandy
Little Darling = Kleine Liebling
Little Dazzler .......... single mini Zonal
Little Fe Fine salmonpink single dwarf zonal goldgreen leaf with brown
Little Fi-fine = Little Fe Fine
Little Gem  lilacrose, redpurple marks single flowered scented dwarf
35cm oliyrose scent UK 1800 Graveolens x ???
Little John  carminered mini zonal single flower
Little Love  .......... Angel
Little Margaret red dwarf single zonal green leaf with bronze zone and
white edge UK Don Storey 1971
Little Perky deeppink single mini peltatum x zonale darggreen leaf UK B.
West, Seaview, Isle of Wight 1996
Little Primula = Little Primular
Little Primular white, rose ring, zonal single dwarf, USA
Little Trot salmonpink, single, normal size, whiteedged green leaf UK
Posten 1896 (flowering form of Madame Salleron)
Little Vectis  lightmauve double dwarf peltatum UK B. West, Seaview,
Isle of Wight 19.. (Little Gem seedling)
Little Witch single Stellar normal size dark zone on leaf

Bye - Mimy Sluiter

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