Re: [IGS] Rosebuds

Hedgehug wrote:
> My cats far outnumber my rosebuds, I'm afraid.  But, I'm thinking about adding
> more rosebuds to the collection.  What ones would you recommend?
> Cindi

My cats sadly TOTALLY outnumber my rosebuds - current figures:
6 Manx VS 0 Rosebuds...
But find here below a list of the Zonal ones since I have some names at
least in my computer:

Ada Sutterby rose double dwarf UK Sutterby 1972
Anne Wilkie-Millar coral red
Apple Blossom Rosebud rosewhite, red edge UK .......... 1870
Black Pearl dark red Cook 19..
Bornholm red
Garnet Rosebud darkbloodred mini USA Dorothea & Holmes P. Miller, Palo
Alto, California 1970
Highfields Ballerina deeprosyred UK Ken Gamble 1986
Highfields Cameo salmonpink UK Ken Gamble 1972
Noelle Gordon rose UK Washbrooke 19..
Pink Rambler palepink
Pink Rosebud rosered, whitepink heart
Purple Rambler redpurple
Purple Rosebud redpurple
Red Rambler red and white, red edge dwarf UK .......... 1870
Rosebud purplered
Rosebud Supreme bloodred dwarf UK .......... 1870
Ruby Rosebud crimsonred
Sleigh Bells intense white mini UK Rev. Stanley P. Stringer, Occold,
Suffolk 1970
Wedding Royale carminepink dwarf greenzoned leaf UK D. Smith pre 1982
Westdale Appleblossom rose and white green leaf with white edge UK
Charlie Clark 1997

Bye - Mimy

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