[IGS] Edwards'& Willingdon

Mimy .... thought you might like this list of 'Edwards' Cv's.  These are
only her lastest,  if you want some of the older ones,  I'll round them

From Marj’s 1996/97 catalogue

Cultivars Hybridized by Marjorie Edwards.
 Edwards Alfred (D)  Deep red, dark foliage
Edwards Ashlee (S/D) Deep pink. deeper dots
E'dwards Calico (S/D) Pale lavender, deep marks
Edwards Carnival (D) Lavender, blotched cerise
Edwards Calypso (D) Lilac, purple marks
Edwards Christina (D) Pink salmon centre
Edwards Dove (SD)  White, prolific bloomer
Doris Edwards (S)  Large wavy white
Edwards Enchanter (S/D)     Deep rose, carmine dot
Edwades Emmy  (S)  Palest pink Birds Egg
 Edwards Faye (S/D)  Rose pink, deeper marks
Edwards Flecks (S)  Apricot pink flecked scarlet
 Edwards Honey (D)  Pale pink, apricot centre
Howard Edwards (S)  Claret rose, blue overcast
 Edwards Gaze (S)  Lilac, bright carniltre dots
 Edwards Green Ice (D).  White, green tinge
 Edwards Jazz (S)  Lilac pink. purple dots
 Edwards Magician (S/D))  Red flushed purple red
 Edwards Medley (D)  Lavender. purple dots
 Edwards Pearl (D)  Pearly white, good foliage
 Edwards Pleasure (D)  Salmon pink. deep centre
 Edwards Renate (S/D))  Bright lilac, purple dots
Edwards Spring (S)  Cream flushed salmon lightly serrated
 Edwards Stardust (D)  Pale pink, speckled red
 Edwards Stefanie (S/D)  Violet pink. carmine mark
 Edwards Tamara (S /D)  Soft orange, lilac flush
 Edwards Taylah (D)  Pinkish red, large
 Edwards Tiffany (S)  Apricot pink, wavy
 Edwards Toscana (D)  Coral, pale reverse
Edards Trance (S)  Pink, Rose marks,white base top petals
 Edwards Treasure (D)  Salmon pink blooms
Edwards Vanity (Sir))  White,lilac marks
Edwards Vogue (S)  Coral pink, floriferous

Staph: (Stellars)
Edwards Finn (D) Pink, deeper centre
Edwards Acclaim  large purple blooms
Edwards Kincade  Deep Frilly Red
Edwards Vienta  Salmon flecked orange
Deacon Types:-
Edwards Bright Day  Large Scarlet Red
Edwards Pink Mist  Palest pink & white

Re Willingdon Gem.. interesting that it could be Aurore Nouvelle.  I
can't find any reference to the latter in our catalogues, but did fing
it in Fibrex Nurseries cat.  (Apricot orange flowers with a white eye).
I would describe W.G. as almost luminous mandarin orange with large
white eye ... could be the same as you say though.
By the way another result from W.Gem X W. Beauty is Elizabeth Angus.
Dont know the hybridiser ...  maybe  Ayton?
re Barbara Hope,  the checklist has four listed including the one you
Do you know where the Willingdon prefix comes from?
All for now
  Joan  W.Australia

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